Credit & Loan Database

Matterhornai??i??s Credit & Loan solution provides access to comprehensive information on credit and loan documents for U.S. borrower transactions from a variety of industry sectors and covering a range of loan types including term loans, working capital financing, cross border financings, trade financings, debt refinancing, acquisition financings, debtor-in-possession financings, project financings, standby LOCs second lien deals and investment grade, non-investment grade, secured and unsecured deals. Matterhorn captures and analyzes hundreds of points of valuable data for each transaction with deal amount over $100 million filed from 2012 to the present. This detailed information empowers users to discover nuanced market trends while diving deeply into each deal.

Types order zoloft, purchase dapoxetine. of Documents Categorized and Featured include: Credit Agreement; Loan and Security Agreement; Term/Interim/Bridge/Revolving Loan Agreement; Form 8-K; Form 10-K; Bridge Credit Agreement; and Press Release.