Matterhorn vigorously promotes innovation – not only as we provide legal professionals with cutting edge tools, but also in our communities. As such, we are proud to announce our support for United Rescue in their revolutionary volunteer pre-ambulance emergency care.

We have partnered with United Rescue to assist in their efforts to harness technology and local communities’ vast human capital to save lives. Already in operation in Jersey City, New Jersey with plans to spread, United Rescue partners with local authorities to rapidly respond to 911 medical emergency calls. 

When there is an emergency, United Rescue’s system locates the nearest certified and equipped volunteer through a GPS-enabled app on the volunteer’s phone. Their volunteer arrives by foot, bicycle, or ambu-cycle typically within 3 minutes to begin treatment before an ambulance arrives. When you consider the fact that the average emergency response time is 11 minutes in American cities, those 8 minutes mean the difference between life and death for countless victims of choking, bleeding, heart attack, stroke, and other traumas. 

We support United Rescue as a means of not only making our clients’ communities safer, but because we appreciate and share your strong commitment to such laudable causes. We hope that our efforts will promote United Rescue’s rapid expansion. 

This is innovation at its best. Matterhorn is proud to support them.