Matterhorn provides comprehensive databases, analyses, and reports of publicly filed informationai??i??transforming the way research is integrated into deal strategy, structure, planning and negotiation.

Matterhorn’s proprietary data analysis provides legal and financial professionals with unparalleled capabilities to search for and compare the market terms of mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and other transactions.

In order to address previously un-met needs of investment banks, transactional attorneys, and financial order zoloft, purchase dapoxetine. advisors, our experienced team developed technology that allows deal professionals to easily access both consolidated information on market terms as well as detailed legal language used for specific deal provisions, based upon the underlying legal agreements and financial enables its clients to know precisely the frequency, form, and language of transaction terms and provisions ai??i?? tying each deal term to the actual documentation.

Its unprecedented level of granularity allows deal professionals to learn everything from what provisions an individual professional has historically negotiated to the market frequency of hundreds of different provisions in a diverse range of deal types. Matterhorn’s simple search interface provides complete and accurate information on historical deals and is an invaluable guide in assisting professionals in their future negotiations.